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Exams & Cleaning

Exams & Cleaning services offered in Sewell, NJ

Professional exams and cleaning are essential for a healthy mouth. Anthony J. Calandra, DMD, and the expert dental team at Calandra Family Dentistry in Sewell, New Jersey, offer the highest level of dental care to keep your oral health at its peak performance. Book your appointment today by phone or just a few clicks online.

Exams & Cleaning Q & A

Why are exams and cleaning important?

Though practicing good oral hygiene at home is essential for your oral health, professional dental exams, and cleaning are just as important. Your hygienist and dentist can reach areas on your teeth and gums that you can’t access on your own.

The Calandra Family Dentistry team uses special dental tools to provide a deep clean without damaging your enamel. They also have the imaging technology to examine unforeseen issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. 

Exams and cleaning appointments offer a chance for you to discuss with your provider any changes you might have noticed in the last six months. If problems arise, your dentist can offer a treatment plan to correct issues and prevent further complications.

What can I expect during exams and cleaning appointments?

When you arrive for your appointment at Calandra Family Dentistry, you can expect a cleaning at your routine visit every six months, but you only have imaging performed annually.

During your cleaning, your hygienist has you relax in a chair while using a dental tool called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. They also reach beneath your gumline, removing all traces of bacteria to reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The last cleaning step involves polishing your teeth with high-grit toothpaste and then flossing in between your teeth.

If you’re due for imaging exams, your dentist takes pictures of your mouth and gums with professional imaging technology to see the structure of your oral health underneath your gums. Your dentist also checks for cavities or any other oral health issues that need addressing. If you need restorative treatments, you make a separate appointment to correct those issues.

The Calandra Family Dentistry team may go over preventive care you can practice at home. They recommend using the Sonicare electric toothbrush by Philips when cleaning your teeth. It removes the thin layer of plaque and tartar from your teeth effectively, and it also has a built-in pressure sensor that lets you know when you’re brushing too hard.

How can I protect my oral health after exams and cleaning?

To preserve the health of your teeth and gums, brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily.

If you or your family members are due for exams and cleaning, call Calandra Family Dentistry today or book online.