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Sleep Disorders

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Getting a good night’s sleep affects how you feel on a daily basis. If you don’t sleep well, you might have a sleep disorder, which can have a negative impact on your overall health. Anthony J. Calandra, DMD, and his dental team are trained professionals in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. If you suffer from a lack of sleep, call Calandra Family Dentistry in Sewell, New Jersey, today to book an appointment or schedule a visit online.

Sleep Disorders Q & A

What are sleep disorders?

You should never ignore the importance of sleep. It promotes good health and affects your overall well-being. Unfortunately, sleep disorders can cause issues, preventing you from having a good night’s sleep. Causes of sleep disorders include:

  • Deviated septum
  • Allergies
  • Congestion
  • Nasal polyps
  • Nasal resistance
  • Upper airway obstruction or resistance

Studies show that 50-70 million adults in the United States suffer from a sleep disorder, which may include insomnia, causing chronic poor sleep.

When you don’t sleep well, it can impact how you function throughout the day, cause many different long-term health conditions, and reduce your overall quality of life. In addition, a lack of healthy sleep also affects your oral health.

What is the link between sleep disorders and poor health?

Out of the 10-30% of the population who have insomnia, 36% show a link to periodontitis. When you have a reduction in sleep, you have less saliva production, which you need for healthy teeth and gums.

In addition, if you can’t sleep at night, you might get out of bed to eat, leading to Night Eating Syndrome (NES). This syndrome can cause weight gain and depression. It can also lead to the breakdown of your tooth enamel if you don’t take the time to brush your teeth after your midnight snack.

How are sleep disorders diagnosed?

To learn more about your sleep disorders, the team at Calandra Family Dentistry uses the FDA-approved Eccovision® Acoustic Pharyngometry to measure your oral airway and the Eccovision Acoustic Rhinometer to measure your nasal airway.

The machine sends sound waves through your airway that reflect, which allows your provider to analyze the changes in your airways. It determines the amount of space you have for airflow and helps your provider identify any blockages and their location.

The test only takes 2-5 minutes.

Once you have a diagnosis, your provider can create and customize a treatment tailored to your specific needs, addressing your sleep disorder. 

If you struggle with sleep, you might have a sleep disorder. To learn more about how sleep disorders can negatively impact your health, or to schedule a thorough evaluation, call the friendly office staff at Calandra Family Dentistry today or click on this website to book an appointment online.